NodeJS is an extremely popular open source (server-side) platform that is growing in popularity each and every day. It is currently being employed by a number of top leading brands such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter and Ebay to power their data intensive and real time network applications.


Built using Chrome's V8 JavaScript, Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight, practical and efficient for building fast and highly scalable network applications. NodeJS is one of the advanced platforms that CAN Tech has been using to build scalable cloud applications across various domains.

skilled professionals

Node.JS has its inherent complexities, and for certain applications, Node.JS might not be the best suited solution. Our skilled team of professionals on Node.JS and other server-side technologies will assess and suggest the best suited technology platform for your project in a transparent manner.

CAN Tech has built applications based on Node.JS that are

  • Event driven & heavily I/O bound oriented.
  • Handle large number of concurrent connections with other systems.
  • Based on real-time.
  • Churn high volume data in realtime
  • Can handle high concurrent traffic


We work on the following popular frameworks of Node.JS
  • Sails.JS
  • Express.JS


Getting the architecture right from the word GO is the key to successful product. Defining the architecture includes the platform, database design, hosting, file storage and other advanced elements


We are committed to ensuring clean coding standards and practices to ensure optimum performance, code extensibility and easy maintenance. Code written with the correct set of guidelines ensures that the errors and bugs are easier to control, identify and rectify. CAN Tech’s internal processes of code review ensures that your production-ready code is of top notch quality and optimal for performance.


Node.JS is mostly used in systems that are inherently sophisticated in their design and implementation with complex set of APIs and consumer platforms. It is essential to understand and deploy Node.JS API and ensuring optimal performance and stability. Our team of skilled developer ensures the above in a timely fashion.


Node.JS being a new technology, certain legacy systems can benefit of the I/O capabilities and the concurrency that Node.JS offers coupled with NOSQL databases like Mongo, Cassandra alongwith implementation of Redis. System robustness and sync setup are the key focus areas of a migration process. Our experience in migration and therefore in identifying migration related tasks and issues beforehand ensures optimum turnaround time with a stable sync mechanism