A premier open-source PHP framework, Laravel has quickly become one of the most popular PHP frameworks since it’s debut in 2012. leveraged by in-the-know developers to create exquisite answers to challenging problems and beautiful web applications.


  • Mobile backends - storage, real time synchronization.
  • Integrations - Oauth, payment systems and much more.
  • Full stack web applications.
  • Computation heavy tasks (with fast native code).
  • Internet of things (IoT) apps.
  • Location aware apps.

Capability & Power

You need it - We can Build it. Be it from a small-scale & simple product to sophisticated enterprise-grade application, Laravel can be used to build tech stacks that not only your existing business processes, but make them even easier to manage.

Scalability & Implementation

Ease of customisation on Laravel helps create a sophisticated or a simple platform designed, specifically for your needs. With the ever-changing business requirements, the application undergoes a constant change and Laravel ensures that the changes can be implemented in a timely and robust fashion.

Clean Coding

We are committed to ensuring clean coding standards and practices to ensure optimum performance, code extensibility and easy maintenance. CAN Tech’s internal processes of code review ensures that your production-ready code is of top notch quality and optimal for performance.

Application Development Architecture

Getting the architecture right from the word GO is the key to successful product. Defining the architecture includes the platform, database design, hosting, file storage and other advanced elements.


Powered by Composer and built upon a foundation of Symfony components, Laravel is one of the most reliable frameworks on the market. Thanks to its large, engaged community, Laravel also features one of the most extensive support networks in the industry.


With Laravel, one can build simple APIs to complex commerce systems in an elegant fashion. Laravel conforms to principles of modern PHP, which means the framework relies on current best practices. Testing sites and apps before launch is a snap, and Laravel offers top-notch performance speeds.