The Bolt Experience = Bolt Charger & Bolt Pocket + Bolt Riders App


Session Tracking

Specifically designed for bikers, “Bolt Riders’ App” lets you easily track all your bike trips, including all the pitstops.

Check-In to your trips

Bolt lets you checkin offline wherever you are, tagging your trips to all the fun locations you have visited!

Automated Travelogue

Get enchanted with beautifully auto-created travel story of your trips weaving your trip, checkin, pitstop and photos together.

Session Auto Start

Plug in your Bolt Charger™ and your session starts automatically, ensuring you never forget to log your rides

The Bolt Club™

Now, you are never alone – no matter wherever you are! Jump into the Bolt club and chat with the fellow Bolt Riders in the city or Bolt’s friendly bot – BOB™

Works Offline !

App architecture ensures that you have access to all the trip records and sessions even when you are not connected to the internet.

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